Iron Marines Invasion: the adventure takes off next Thursday September 8th!

Prelude - The Galaxy faces a new threat!

by Rodrigo Moreno on 8/31/2022

Hey Soldiers, Taggins here.
Let me just… Command deck, is this thing on? I can see the light beeping, but… Ok.

It’s been five long years since peace among the planets was achieved, and much more has been accomplished since.

I absently stare at the void, while I remember my last missions along with my loyal Iron Marines.

The Federation has grown and received many new allies.
Reaching the farthest corners of the galaxy, it has become a beacon of shining light among the alien races, exploring and colonizing new worlds and expanding its area of influence.

Nevertheless, now retired and decorated as a War Hero, I know that nothing lasts too long in deep space, and peace among the galaxy is not an exception.

I’ve received a distress call recently, coming from the frozen planet YCYCL III: a group of criminals known as the Crimson Vultures landed and took control of a village's whole etherium reserve.
Some of the villagers have also been taken as prisoners.

There’s no time to lose - it’s time to call in the Cavalry!
The invasion is at our gates!

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